My name is "Croflette", which comes from the clover (treflée) symbol of St-Maurice, as seen on the St-Légier-La Chiésaz commune logo.

My birth coincides with my "death sentence" (along with that of my friend Coeurbêche in Blonay), which has been authorised by our communes’ authorities. How? Quite simply by removing me from the logo of their merger project which, unbelievably, nobody even asked for.

My creator saw it as a sign. Indeed, what better ally can you find to oppose the merger project than the symbol who will disappear as a result?

My disappointment stems mainly from the lack of support from my own elected officials in St-Légier. How can anyone replace almost 1000 years of history by one or two colors?

Now, let me tell you a beautiful story, which proves our communes’ mutual attachment and our common roots.

Charged, a very long time ago, to safeguard some beautiful souls in our cemetery in La Chiésaz, I misplaced 2 hearts. Was it the wind that carried them away or a mischievous fate? I cannot say. Luckily, a Blonay nobleman found the hearts, intertwined head to toe in a rapeseed field! In search of a coat of arms, he decided this was a sign and made it his own coat of arms. Since then, Blonay has proudly displayed his banner with the interlaced hearts.

They want our communes to get married, to be as one, but that would kill the richness of our collaborations. We are convinced that we are stronger together, side by side, without the need for two to become one.


My name is "Coeurbêche" which comes from the intertwined hearts on Blonay's logo. Born in a rapeseed field, I represent my commune with pride and panache.

On January 21st, while I was on the "Sentier des Morts", having visited my friend Croflette, I couldn't help but shed tears of sadness. My lifelong friend is in danger of disappearing on May 17th, so who can blame me? I can't believe it. Will all the good times we've spent together disappear with her?

I have heard that a certain ‘Fusionnette’ is jealous of our great friendship, so much so that she would be willing to sacrifice it in order to be born from my hearts. It also seems that she wants to change my origins by removing my rapeseed field and replacing it with the colours of Croflette. But I don't want this! What I want is to be able to continue to talk with my friend, to go out together, to consult each other and to be able to confide our worries in each other.

Why would I want to change everything, to upset everything, to question our beautiful friendship!

My name is "Fusionette." I’ve been developed from the leftovers of Croflette and Coeurbêche. I want to be born on May 17, 2020, and my godparents, the Trustees, the Commune and the majority of the Municipal Councillors are impatient, because, between us, they have already paid me... but shhh!

My aim is to eliminate Croflette and to put an end to the legend of Coeurbêche, to be stronger alone than those two old killjoys. And to achieve this it doesn't matter if I don't tell the whole truth.

Croflette - NON à la fusion
Croflette - NON à la fusion
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