The ‘NO’ committee to the merger of the Blonay and Saint-Légier-La Chiésaz communes has been formed from a group that is both inter-communal and inter-party. It is composed of elected officials and representatives of civil society who reject the merger project, as it stands, that will be submitted to a popular vote on 17 May.

Jean-Marc Nicolet Jean-Marc Nicolet

André Grivel André Grivel

Marie-France VouillozMarie-France Vouilloz

Jean-François Greset Jean-François Greset

Composition of the comitee

Nick_2v Nick Schuler
Designer and co-author of the dialogues

Michèle Jeanmonod Michèle Jeanmonod
Webmaster and co-author of the dialogues

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Faites connaissance avec nos amies “Croflette” et “Coeurbêche” qui vont nous aider à vous convaincre de voter NON à cette fusion inutile.

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Probably in August

Municipal votes: September 27th 2020

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